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Jagat ISO Certified 5 Litre Hand Herbal Sanitizer with Aloevera, Tulsi & Neem Leaf Extracts, 70% Alcohol Based Herbal Refill Pack | Kills Germs Instantly, Non Sticky, Skin-Friendly | Made in India


KEEPS YOUR HOME SAFE FROM GERMS – Its alcohol-based formula and Ayurvedic properties kill 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria. It works within seconds to keep you and your family safer.

70% ALCOHOL CONTENT – This 5 Litre Hand Herbal Sanitizer with Aloe vera, Tulsi & Neem Leaf Extracts, 70% Alcohol-Based Herbal are safe for your skin and that help you stay healthy.

SAFE & EFFECTIVE – Help keep your family and those you care for healthy. Use on any surface – floor, table, chair, almirahs, fridge, kitchen slab, tiles, toys, appliances, or just anywhere. It’s completely Ayurvedic and hence has no side effects at all.


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